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According to a safe estimate Engineering and Construction industries share in total world trade is the most substantial. The steel industry has a mother role in both these industries keeping in view its importance, the developed countries keep steel industries progress and development in their priorities whereas in Pakistan just like other industries this field has been the victim of inattention, improper policies, unfavorable condition and lack of planning.
When Pakistan came into being there were only two units in the steel industry. In 1948-49 the (former) Soviet Union offered the installation of Steel Mill. It was an attractive offer for our motherland, but due to different reason it was rejected. Again in 1970 Soviet Union repeated its offer, which was accepted by our Government, and thus in the 80’s PAKISTAN STEEL MILL commence its production and a new vistas of progress opened for our beloved country. This is a fact that the Steel Industry in private sector not only maintains its status. In most difficult times but also step wise made it progress and also played an important role in the stability of other industries. That is very much reason that steel industries name would be written in golden words for its contribution to national development, progress and strengthening of the economy.
In 2002 there were nearly 59 steel melting units in across the country. Best economic policies of the pervious government has led to 6% annual growth in steel industry as a consequence present units have seen extension and all along new steel melting units Number has reached to 190. Setting of new units is a welcome sign but due to lack of planning and coordination in different institute (Private and Government) Steel industry is facing difficulties further due to the hault in new construction and industrial project is one of the important and basic factors.
Some important steps are necessary for the development of our national industries needed to be taken by our policy makers, like import of re-rollable scrape should be allowed, high tariff structure, non availability of test laboratories and centers, absence of skilled manpower, lack of latest trends and technology, over charging of THC by the shipping companies and reduction in shipment processing time at the port. These are the problem, which are a major hindrance in the progress of this industry.
Another factor which is giving big loss to our nation exchequer by way of Sale Tax and Custom duty and also harming the steel sector is the arrival of re rollable material through the Taftan Border, that material is re rollable, but its clearance is being done as remeltable while there is a difference in the ITPC (Import Categories) and Custom Duty.
We pray to the almighty that our Vouage of National Progress and prosperity keeps on and on forever.Ameen.

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